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Selection of fur garments in shape and color.

Selection of fur coats

On our site, you already had the opportunity to determine its type shapes and colors of the type of appearance. Now you know very well what color of clothes suitable for you, and what - not what fashions look great on your figure, and what - is bad. However, with the selection of fur garments are a bit different.
Listen to some advice.

Selection of fur color

If you like Magic natural beauty of fur, then you can help these tips:

1. If you are blonde, then highlight your beauty lynx fur or brown mink or fox bright exotic colors.
Platinum blonde can afford a black mink, fox, raccoon and chinchilla.

2. You are brunette? Then you brown-red or black mink, as well, depending on skin color can choose for themselves mink red and blue tones.
Most likely, you will not do light mink or fox.

3. Universal fur for all women - sable and sheepskin.
But you do not choose, never try to trim the fur under the color of your hair.

Selection of fur garments in shape

Picking up fur clothing on a figure, it is very easy to make a mistake and buy a completely appropriate thing.
What you need to know to get you bought a fur coat slim you, and not adding extra inches to your waist and hips?

Most important: never buy fur garments or tight just a little to you in size, unless you want to look like a fat bear.

1. Do you have a graceful figure, then look for a fur coat or a coat sewn specially for miniature ladies, as they complied with the proportions of a miniature figure. Choose your long coat or a fur coat - will appear above.
And avoid wearing fur clothing knee-length - it shortens your figure.

2. You are the owner of a full figure (the figure of the "pear", type "inverted triangle" or type "Apple") in practice is much easier to pick up fur clothing for women with complete lower half of the body, or pear shape than for a woman with a magnificent bust. Among furriers is that if a woman wears a wide total coat to the knee, then those extra pounds disappear visually, and it would seem that in her 46th the size. If this approach is right for you, go for it. But sometimes a simple short coat A-form also can mask unwanted fullness when it comes to mid-thigh, and you have beautiful legs. Such a coat can make your figure more attractive. If you have a good build on top, and the rest of the usual size - it's just the opposite of what you need. If you decide to buy a coat of A-form, the broad line should start from the top and go down to the bottom, like a bag. Instead, try a solid double-breasted blazer or belted a model to draw attention to the waist. Fur products mainly made of large sizes. In a qualitative cut of the classic fur coat sew more spacious, so that the 50th fur size fits a woman with a 54th the size of clothes. Therefore, a complete women do not necessarily apply to the specialized fur shops Also remember that when a large amount, never wear a long fur coat, made of a long-haired furs such as fox, bobcat, raccoon, or long-haired beaver.
Choose a coat made of sheared furs, leather or fabric, which can stress the expressive collar of the long fur.

Buying a fur coat. How to determine the quality of fur.
The choice of fur pretty responsible job. You are going to give rather big money for fur and, of course, want it to different quality and looked great for several seasons.
What you need to know about the fur coats and fur, from which they are sewn to make your right choice?

Types of Fur
It is, primarily, on natural fur.
You can read more about the different types of fur, but all of them can be divided into four categories:

 fur with a long nap - the fox, fox, raccoon, wolf, wolverine, badger;

 fur with a short nap - weasels, mink, sable, chinchilla;

 fur animals - Persian lamb, rabbit, sheep, ponies;

 fur of aquatic animals - seal, nutria, muskrat, beaver. It is believed that long-haired fur is not recommended to be people with high temperament, since they carry a strong erotic and emotional power. Such mechanisms would be very useful for people with indecisive character. People with high emotional temperament, and could not be better suited short-haired fur with their cold aura, which will make the necessary restraint and accumulates natural charm. It is a short fur is a shade of arrogance, which is associated with self-esteem. This fur is highly charged energetically. Fur animals for people closed and irresolute. These mechanisms have a warm, positive charge, and are well suited for older people and children, that is, those whose vitality in need of constant nourishment. Fur of aquatic animals are particularly suited to those born under the sign of water. This fur has a strong cleansing properties, it can protect against damage, the evil eye, take a love spell.
These properties of the fur shows only in contact with the human body, so things must necessarily be.

Quality furs - a term of several components:

First, the fur must be "winter" - in this case it is more dense and thick with a gun.

Secondly, the scrapings (back skin) should be soft and supple, white.
Yellow scrapings only happens in old furs.

Third, for some types of fur (eg, nutria) wearability depends on whether conditions in the wild animal or lived in the home.
More wear-resistant, of course, the fur of a wild animal.

Fourth, before you try on the coat and pull her nap.
If the fingers were villi or podpushek means low-quality fur.

Fifth, Mash bottle in his fist.
Good fur does not stick and quickly returns to its original state.

Plays an important role, and how the animal was euthanized. Therefore, great caution should apply to things homemade. There is no guarantee that you acquire in the market is not a coat made from skins, stripped of half-dead, and even live animals. A similar purchase, carrying a monstrous charge of pain and horror, which has experienced the unfortunate animal to death, pay to the owner of serious illness. That kind of thing, bought even for a very modest price, you too can be costly.
Along with it you gain and disease, and neurosis and hysterical atmosphere in the house.

With the fur a bit sorted out.
Proceed to the selection of fur coats.

Signs of high-quality coats:
 thick, shiny, springy fur without bald spots;

 soft, white, no rattling scrapings;

 lining is not sewn on tightly, which are quite rare. Otherwise we advise you to thoroughly test the seams. If they are small, not very convex - everything is in order.
But it may happen that you do not feel where the seam, then it is likely that before you glued product that falls apart after the first walk;

 quality coat can not be very easy.
Weight of the finished product depends on the length of fur, tanning skins quality and availability of insulation, if any.

How to buy a good coat?
 Firstly, it is best to buy a fur coat store or fur salon, working for many years. Because only there you'll be given the warranty card, on which, during the warranty period, you will be able to get the money back or exchange bought a fur coat, if you suddenly discover any defect.
In most cases the warranty period is one calendar year.

 Second, we must be clear where you'll be wearing a fur coat. If you drive, you will approach a short coat or jacket from the short-furs (mink, otter, etc.), and if you have to walk in winter with a baby in a stroller - it is better to buy a long, warm coat of the beaver, fox, blue fox and mink

 Third, if you decide to buy a coat of colored fur, then you will be useful to know what color fur may like to hide the defects of fur and its manufacture (often using darker colors) and when necessary (for example, natural fur coat nutria are not very attractive).
And of course, impossible to ignore fashion trends that make the fur TONE and color in virtually all colors of the rainbow, but thanks to high-tech quality furs at the same time not significantly affected.



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